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5 Organs That Will Perform Better With Alkaline Water!

Keeping your body properly hydrated is a matter of life and death, and as such does not need any acts of legislation or divine intervention – on the contrary, it should be a matter of common sense, but unfortunately it is not. Water benefits exceed any benefits that human beings derive from the nature, save for oxygen and food.

While many discussions emphasize the need to have a balanced diet, the truth is nobody ever died for going without any of the major foods for a couple of weeks or a few months – however, the same cannot be said of water for food crops, flowers, animals, and much more human beings. Why the human body is composed of 90% water, should be in itself an indisputable fact that the normal functioning of your body relies very heavily on water.
Far from the tradition of drinking water only when you feel thirsty, water benefits demand that you drink water more frequently, irrespective of the prevailing weather conditions and the kind of activities you engage in from time to time. If you fall in to the temptation of using thirst to gauge your bodily needs for water, chances are you will hardly drink any water, thereby subjecting your body to the harsh reality of body malfunctions and the diseases thereof. Other pointers of dehydration include dryness around the mouth, mild to acute headache, moments of dizziness or feeling lightheaded, a sense of confusion, or  the passage of little urine (usually darker in color as opposed to its normal color).


It would go without saying, that by the time you get to experience one or more of either of these indicators, you will have punished your body quite unnecessary, and that this is actually a message that all is not well.






You are actually standing in the witness chamber as the accused, for negligence, misconduct, and gross violation of the basic needs of your body!

On the very basics, water benefits are enormous, and you can only ignore them at your own peril:
Cushioning the spinal cord:

Water is not drank for thirst quenching only, or even for regulation of body temperatures alone during adverse weather. Your body is full of highly sensitive tissue that need protection through lubrication, and this includes the spinal cord and your joints.
The liver and the kidneys:

As a result of eating, drinking, or simply engaging in various activities, our bodies generate waste products that need to be eliminated, either through urinating and defecating, or through perspiration. To effectively discharge these duties, your kidneys and the liver cannot do it alone – they need water. Of course it would go without saying, that straining these organs from normal functioning could be very disastrous in the short and long terms.
The heart:

The arteries in your heart can suffer a major blow due to dehydration as a result of the high amounts of sodium your body retains when you fail to drink sufficient water, hence high blood pressure.
The intestines:

Whenever you eat your food, the digestion mostly starts in the mouth, and the food finds its way to the stomach, and ultimately to the large intestines. This movement calls for water, lack of which leaves the intestines without a choice but to absorb water from the passing food. In the end, the fruit of your failure to drink water becomes chronic constipation.
The brain: you will be surprised to know that more than 70% of your brain is made up of water. Whenever the body is deprived of this very essential nutrient, the brain shrinks, directly affecting your cognitive abilities.