Tested ORP and pH to my Satisfaction

Tested ORP and pH to my Satisfaction

“If you’re anything like me, your reading whats available online about water ionizers and probably scratching your head not knowing what to think.  When I ran across this unit I got a chance to take a look at it, and found the Aqua Ionizer Deluxe was worth the price, comparable to other units that cost 2 times to 3 times as much.  So I ordered it after reading the views, thought it might be worth giving a try.  Ordered it, got in it the mail and set it up right away so I could give it a try.

Now, before this, my older brother bought the KANGEN water ionizer for about $4,000, and claimed it was the best on the market.  Living in Kentucky the water quality is “fair” to put it nicely, truth is we know that there is fluoride and other dissolved solids in the water that the EPA has set to an “allowable” or “acceptable” level.  In my mind however, no amount of fluoride should be acceptable, since it’s technically a DRUG.  But besides purify the water I had no idea what these water ionizer units were supposed to do.  Come to find out they change the pH of the water that comes out of the tap, purify the water and change the ORP also.  So I got the pH kit that came with my water ionizer and also invested in an ORP meter, so I could see for myself what was coming out of these machines, my brother’s KANGEN and my Aqua Ionizer.

So with the Aqua Ionizer the water coming out on the max setting I was getting about a 700 negative ORP with a pH of 11 (dark purple).  My brothers KANGEN produced about the same results with a negative ORP of 720 with an identical pH of 11.

So bottom line is this: the Aqua Ionizer is a great product, that performs about the same as the $4,000 KANGEN.  Since I’m currently recovering from a serious medical surgeory to my kidneys this type of water seems to help me more than any bottled water brands I’ve tried.  It’s going to be a challenge on as I continue on my road to recovery but knowing that I saved a few bucks on this device, and that it really does help me and my immune system it has my recommendation.”  – Weilder

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