Drink More Water

Are You Drinking Enough Water to Stay Healthy?

“I’M DYING OF THIRST!”drink more water

Well, you just might be.  It’s the progressive dehydration that age our cells, gives our skin wrinkles and causes them to loose their elasticity.  It’s the most essential element to health and vitally.  Water is important to all forms of life.  Proper hydration must be in place to ensure your survival – and ensure your body thrives at peak performance for your entire life!

It appears simple, H2O – two parts of hydrogen and one part oxygen.  Commonly called “water” it’s one of the most abundant elements on the planet – yet one of the most rare in the cosmos.  In the search for life it’s water that NASA looks for on planets.  That’s because water is the sacred imperative for life.

The human brain is made up of 95% water, blood is about 82% and your lungs are 90% water.  A mere drop of only 2% of your body’s water supply can trigger signs of dehydration: fuzzy short-term memory, trouble with basic math, and

Slight dehydration can also cause difficulty in focusing on small letters, fonts and prints – so if your having trouble reading this, drink up!

Water is imperative to functions of the human body.  Quite simply, the body does not work without it.  It’s allows for the structure and form of our DNA molecules, and the structure of proteins the make up your muscles and organs.  In fact, every cell and organ that make up our entire anatomy depends on water.

Water Serves Your Body as a Lubricant

Water contained in your salvia aids in chewing and lubricates the food as it travels down your esophagus, ensuring proper digestion of vital nutrients and vitamins.  When your dehydrated, the body rations water away from the joints.  Yes, great hydration means greater lubrication of the joints which allows your body to move more fluidly.  This reduces knees, elbow, shoulder and back pain and lowers the risk of joint related injuries caused by too much friction.

Water Mechanisms Regulate Body Temperature

Our use a complex system of sweat glands and ducts in the skin to perspire water when the body becomes too hot.  The action of evaporation produces a cooling effect.  When the body is too cold the body reroutes the water-rich-blood from the exterior extremities and the outer surface of skin, moving it closer to the core.  This preserves thermal energy hypo-thermic reactions in the body.  The movement of water within our cellular systems also moves the vital blood plasma (which is composed of approximately 93% water).  The body’s pH is buffered by this blood plasma which is typically neutral, or slightly alkaline and also transports antibodies from our immune system, helping to balance the osmotic values – all of which help in regulating the bodies temperature.

Water Shuttled Toxins Out of the Body

The kidneys and the liver are charged with filtering out waste products, and creating enzymes which nullify toxins in the body.  Drinking enough water helps to lessen the stress on these organs and keep them operating at their most effective levels.  Waste can buildup in the body if dehydration sets in.  Excessive toxins can cause headaches, inflammation and general illness.  Proper hydration is essential to aid your body in flushing out the toxins through urination and perspiration as well.

Water Transports Vitamins and Nutrients from Food, Into Your Body!

Water plays a vital role in maintaining our bodies.  Remember blood can be about 93% water and the blood is the primary transport system for vitamins and nutrients to the trillions of cells.  Your body is a collective of cells that all need nutrients, clean water and to have their waste products removed to keep their environments clean and functioning without abstraction.  Water allows nutrients to pass through the very thin capillaries within the intestinal walls to the blood and circulatory system where the valuable nutrients and oxygen can be distributed throughout the body to all the cells and organs.
Vitamins and nutrients dissolve into water, the vitamin rich-water is absorbed by body and transports the vitamins and nutrients into the cells of the body, providing the building blocks of new healthy cells.

Drink Ionized Water for Better Health

As you can see, water is imperative for life!  It’s such an important component to our body and minds that we literally couldn’t live without out.  Unfortunately, our world and water supplies have become polluted pure water is hard to come by. Your drinking water should be pure, and beneficial to the body as possible.  Your body is amazing, and you should give it the best water possible so it can perform at it’s peak potential.  You’ll be surprised how amazing you feel when you drink better water, like the kind that comes from a water ionizer machine, and how just making this one simple change can effect all the systems of your body!

Stay hydrated!  Stay healthy!


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