Pros and Cons of Water Ionizer Machine

The want for a water ionizer finally met my need when we started to encounter a few health issues.  My husband could finally afford one, but not the ones that were a thousand dollars or more.  We found the Alive Air Purifier and Ionizer website and purchased one for less than a grand there, the Aqua Ionizer Deluxe 7.0.

First… the good:

PROS:  What sold us right away was not only the price, but also the cost to maintain it.  The filters were only $40 – compared to $100 filters for other brands.  Also, the unit is self cleaning.  It does a rinse at the end of each use cycle.  When I received we also checked the output on eat setting with alkaline litmus paper just to make sure it was changing the alkalinity as it should.  Every setting tested correctly and within the range it said it would.  We got the under sink option because I really try to reduce the number of thing son my counter top as well, which was nice because it was just a few bucks more (Greg made me a deal on the phone).

CONS: The only real thing I can warn on is that if the machine is under the counter you’ll want to pay attention to ensure it’s no on the self cleaning setting. It does play music to let you know it’s cleaning.  When it’s operational, and making ionized water the screen lights up bright blue, so just pay attention if it’s under the sink because sometimes the self cleaning music can be hard to hear.

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