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Water Ionizer Machines May Be In Every Home in the United States by 2020

The year is 2014 and most people in America still haven’t heard of a water ionizer.  20 Years ago no one had ever heard of a microwave either, now everyone has one!

For those you who are new to the idea of water ionizers, the word “water ionizer” refers to a machine or device that typically does the following (yes in this order):

water ionizers

1) Purifies the source water (usually tap)
2) Adds an electric charge to minerals in the water
3) Creates “acidic” and “alkaline” solutions that are then divided
4) The “acidic” water has a low pH and goes down the drain
5) The “alkaline” ionized water is usually drank for health purposes

Water ionizers have been used in Japan for long time as approved medical devices.  One use of these water ionizers in a medical setting has been to stave off rash/infections that result from burns.  They’ve also been used to retard the growth of bacteria in the mouth of dental patients to prevent infection after a surgery.

However, there may be a day in the near future where water ionizers that have been traditionally used as medical devices become common house held items, like a toaster or a microwave!

We all know our tap water is full of contaminates, and isn’t “pure” by any stretch of the imagination.  It’s a well known fact that most cities municipalities and water treatment centers recycle waste water that people flush down the toilet and wash down their shower drains to make it “drinking water” once again.  As a result, a number of long winded contaminates get into the water which can be thought of as unhealthy and unnecessary!

The image below shows the “Water Quality Testing Results” for one U.S. city in 2011.  Amongst those results are Flouride, Nitrates and Cadmium!  Flouride is a drug, Cadmium is used in fuel-cells and Nitrates are produce cell damaging free-radicals!  Sound like something you want in your water?  Probably not.

The technology available in water ionizers and water ionizing machines, like the Aqua Ionizer Deluxe allow most of these contaminates to be scrubbed from the water.  Basic activated carbon filters are available at most home improvement stores for relatively affordable prices.  However the water is simply scrubbed of a small number of contaminates and not restructured in any way.

TAP WATER WILL SOON BE A THINK OF THE PAST – Water Ionizers Are the Future!

After your source water has been purified, your water ionizer machine takes it to the next level – and introduces an advanced process of electrolysis which restructures, enhances and charges the elements in the water to ionize them.  Negatively charged particles are separates from the positively charged ones (the positive ions go down the drain) and the negative ones make it into your glass for you to drink!

Some futurists predict that by the year 2025 water ionizers will as common as toasters in the household.  The day will come in the near future where your kids will laugh at when they hear about the “ancient past” of drinking water out of the tap!